Do I actually need to promote my business on the net?
Check out the statistics beneath, the overall Web Surfers in Singapore: 3,370,000. Would you like to lose out this huge audience?

checkGreen6 Total Singapore Population: 4,987,600 (Jun 2009, Singstat)- Citizen & Permanent Residents: 3,733,9002. Internet User Statistics (3Q 2009, InternetWorldStats)- Total Internet Users Worldwide: 1,733,933,741

– Total Internet Users in Asia: 738,257,230

– Total Internet Users in Singapore: 3,370,000

– Internet Penetration Rate in Singapore: 72.4%


checkGreen6 Singapore Internet Subscription by Type (3Q 2009, IDA)

– 3G Mobile Subscription: 2,927,700

– Corporate Broadband Subscription: 136,700

– Residential Broadband Subscription: 1,497,600


checkGreen6 % of Singapore Household Access (2008, IDA)

– Access to a computer at home: 80%

– Access to Internet at home: 76%

– Access to Broadband at home: 75%



How do I know what keywords to focus on?

We’ll will teach you how to perform a complete analysis for a site to determine the very best keywords to target.

In terms of creating a site, and becoming successful financially from the ranking results making use of search engine optimizations, key phrases will be the most crucial part of the whole picture.

And that is the reasons why it is so easy to fail right from the beginning.

Key phrases eventually decide a website’s failure or success…so, we will teach on how to select keywords that are closely related to a niche.


How many keywords must I use on a website?
As a way to make sure that a back-linking strategy appeared to be natural to the search engine’s spiders, it’s preferable to begin with 7 – 8 keywords.


Are you teaching me unethical methods?
Absolutely no! We’re utilizing 100% white-hat search engine optimization’s techniques


How do I determine if what you are teaching me is working?
That’s straightforward! Look at a website’s ranking in the search page results!


How long will it take for a web site to rank at the top 10 – 20 positions?
This will depend on how competitive the key phrases are. It usually takes in between 4 to 32 weeks.


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